Why it is not necessary to tip at a restaurant in France.

Tips in France are ALREADY included in the price of the meal as is the sales tax that they call the VAT

Pictured below are three items. The first two images are photos I have taken of parts of the restaurant menus.  The third and bottom image is a print out of the check for the meal.

Translated - the above says
A service charge of 15% is included in the prices shown.

Translated - the above says
After 9:00PM  in the evening, all prices are increased by 1 Euro and a Service Charge of 15% is included in the prices as is the sales tax VAT

Translated - the above says
The is the invoice print out from the restaurant
A service charge of 15% is added as is HT (the sales tax VAT)
Credit card are only accepted for charges above 20 Euros.
Checks are not accepted
You must purchase one drink every 30 minutes (I imagine the restaurant does not you buying one drink and then occupying a table for an hour or two without purchasing more drinks or food.)