The entire Louvre is closed every Tuesday PLUS the Porte des Lions is also closed on Fridays.

Porte des Lions entrance: this entrance may be closed for technical reasons. Please contact us the day before your visit at +33 (0)1 40 20 53 17.

The Louvre Building is in the diagram above

The directions below indicate how to enter the Louvre WITHOUT waiting in the long lines that you will find in the MAIN entrance.

Below is a photo of the glass pyramid located in the Louvre court yard where many people enter the Louvre to purchase their tickets and to enter through the tight security check point.

Please let me stress that the extremely long lines in the Louvre entrance are NOT caused by people waiting to purchase tickets. RATHER, the lines are caused by the massive delays getting through the security check point where all baggage is inspected and you must pass through a metal detector just as you would find in an airport departure area.

The glass pyramid is outlined in red below

To get in to the Louvre use the entrance called the PORTE DES LIONS.

With your BACK to the glass pyramid face AWAY from the Louvre and face towards the Stone Arch about 500 feet in front of you.

The Arch is pictured below

Walk through the arch and continue walking another 50 feet.

THEN fact LEFT and walk about 200 feet you will see the Porte Des Lions as pictured below.

I have outlined in red the sign on the wall that says Porte Des Lions.

Enter the passageway and about 15 feet in on the LEFT is the museum entrance. The security is there and at the most there maybe 3 people ahead of you.  Then museum entrance tickets are sold via a vending machine. Have your credit card ready.

If you are OUTSIDE of the Louvre court yard between the Louvre and River, then the Porte Des Lions will appear as shown in the photo below.