Item for changing ceiling light bulbs

The pole that you need to purchase at ACE Hardware is pictured above. The pole un-screws by the black colored parts near the top which lets you extend the pole length. Then tighten the black parts so that pole stays long while you are using it.

At the top of the pole is a suction cup made of plastic and attached to it is white string.

You FIRST moisten the plastic cup with a few drops of water so that the cup will attached better to the glass bulb. Then reach up with the pole and press it HARD against the old bulb so that the cup attaches. Then twist the pole COUNTER clockwise and the old bulb will unscrew. Then lower the pole and pull on the tab as shown by the RED ARROW in the photo and the cup will release the old bulb.

Then attach a new bulb to the MOIST plastic cup and screw it into the ceiling. Then PULL on the white string that is attached to the cup release and the cup and the pole will be detached from the new bulb.