Vacation in Paris 2018

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All of these UN- EDITED photos were take with a Google model Pixel - Android phone.

We have returned to our Paris apartment that we rent each year.

The view from our Paris apartment

The view from our Paris apartment

Paris at night. Bar patrons hanging out in the street.

My cappuccino coffee after dinner

In a mall near us, there is an open piano available for anyone to play

The display window in the McDonald's at the mall. More than just hamburgers.

A pastry shop in the same mall.

A swimming pool in the same mall

St. Eustache a church near our apartment where the Keith Haring Chapel is located.

Inside the church above

A dessert that was ordered by the table next to us at lunch

Sea food anyone?

Moderate portions, I love it. Steak done "a point" which in France means medium-rare. We each had a steak and a total of three glasses of wine for the table. The bill was only 43 Euros including taxes and tip. What a deal, but common on the Left Bank in Paris. All French people are slender because they eat small portions.

Check out the flowers on the second floor on the restaurant next to us.

A bicycle driven portable crepe store. It has a propane heater to cook the crepes.


Luxembourg Gardens Park on the Paris Left Bank with model sailboats.

Notre Dame

The Arch of Triumph

The Madeleine

Inside the Madeleine - it is a church

Display at the high end store - Fauchon

An indoor sound and light show in an empty warehouse. We, the audience, sit on the floor and then a 360 degree moving light show goes on for over and hour. It is all very animated. The plain gray walls and the designs on the plain gray floor are both the results of art shown from overhead projectors.

One of many pastry shops that we walked past.

Okay, I went off diet again, but this was a very small ice cream portion.

The Paris Opera House

Inside Galleries Lafayette, the largest store in Paris.

Again, off diet, but this red velvet cup cake is only 2 inches across.

Country Pate, it is very different than store purchased pate.

The winding staircase in Museum Jacquemart-Andre

Museum Jacquemart-Andre

Museum Jacquemart-Andre

The restaurant in Museum Jacquemart-Andre

Paris charging for electric motorcycles.

Paris - Keeping the sidewalks clean with the quiet electric battery powered vacuum.

Paris - The famous pastry and ice cream store - Laduree

Inside Angelina's Paris Restaurant Famous for their HOT CHOCOLATE drink

Angelina's also has other "low calorie" items such as those pictured above.

 At the Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette was held there was an indoor display of the Seine running through the building and back again to the river. The display included a waterfall.

More from the above photo.

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