Switzerland - Summer of 2016

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We will start with over two weeks in Switzerland to include driving by car from Zurich to Geneva with many stops along the way.

A street car in Zurich

A human powered taxi in Zurich

Cheese Fondue

A chocolate store in Zurich

The 45 degree angle train that took us for a short ride from one level of Zurich to a higher level.

Lunch in Zug, Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland - Covered walk way bridge

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland
What looks like stone work on the sides of the building and window frames are actually painted images on the building.

Lake Lucerne - One of the many lake cruise ships

Lucerne, Switzerland - The Transportation Museum

Our hotel in Interlaken, Switzerland

One of the many mountains near Interlaken, Switzerland.

Hang gliders landing in Interlaken, Switzerland

The cable car ride down from Gimmelwald, a VERY small town up in the mountains. Note the waterfall on the left.

The cable car lift to Gimmelwald

In Gimmelwald

In Gimmelwald

Some rafters we saw going down the river near Gimmelwald

Driving on to the automobile train for a 20 mile drive through the tunnel on the way to Zermatt

The Matterhorn mountain as seen from the roof garden of our hotel.

Snow on July 7th high in the mountains outside of Zermatt

Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad, Switzerland - Hotel breakfast

Cheese aging in the factory in Gruyere, Switzerland

Cheese making in the 1,000 gallon tank at the factory in Gruyere, Switzerland

Cheese in the individual molds at the factory in Gruyere, Switzerland

Pulling the cheese out of the cooking kettle

This is where the cheese starts - local cows

A local restaurant in Gruyere, Switzerland

Man with a mountain Swiss horn.

Switzerland is known for its chocolate. This is unique. Smarties are the European version of the American M&M candies. So in Switzerland they make a chocolate bar with Smarties candies mixed in. Quite an unusual idea.

Many sunshine days on our trip, but eventually the rain had to happen. It did for the time we were in Chamonix, France. Therefore, we have few photos to share. The building above was interesting. It is an optical illusion. The area that I have outlined in red is actually a painting all done on a perfectly flat surface. There are NO real windows or balconies. It is all artwork.

The sun finally came out. In the Chamonix - Mont Blanc photo above, the area outlined in red is a very slow moving glacier. It moves about 12 inches per day. As the ice descends the mountain it melts off at the bottom. On warm days, it melts faster then new ice descends. On cold days it melts slower, so the glacier extends further into the valley.

A mid afternoon snack in Geneva.

A lake boat in Geneva

A sidewalk painter in Geneva

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