Paris - Summer of 2016

    Switzerland     Paris     French Barge   

Our apartment in Paris for one week

Our apartment balcony in Paris

The view from our apartment in Paris


The Louis Vutiton Museum in Paris

Chocolates at one of the high end stores

A typical Paris pastry shop

The Louvre Museum

Crowds looking at the Mona Lisa. It is to the left of this photograph.

The Mona Lisa

One of the many hallways in the Louvre.

Cynthia at the restaurant

Cynthia's pate

Cornichons pickles to go with Cynthia's pate

Celery root with shrimp

Cynthia walking on the restaurant street near our apartment

The local crepe maker

An evening view off of the porch of our Paris apartment.

    Switzerland     Paris     French Barge