French Barge Trip in the Summer of 2016

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The barge cruise surpassed our expectations. If you are interested in taking a barge cruise in France, please contact me and I will share details with you. (239) 249-9894

No, I did not take the photo above. It is a stock photo off the internet of the barge that we were on in Burgundy.

Typical bedroom

Hallway from the bedroom to the salon area.

The salon down below on the barge

A view down the canal

We are entering one of the many locks along the canal.

The women who operates the lock. She is opening the gate in the lock door to let the water out to lower the barge.

Opening the lock flood gates. There are two, one on each door of the lock.

The place setting before dinner

Hannah, serving us cheese at dinner

Cheers everyone. Having dinner on the upper deck of the barge.

The first course

The main course

The cheese course

The dessert

The barge staff

Our master Corden Bleu trained chef

The sun cover is lowered so that we can pass under a bridge.

We normally had lunch on the barge, but this one day we went to a nearby restaurant/hotel.

Inside the restaurant/hotel where we had lunch.

At one of the locks, there was a very small restaurant.

A wine cellar at a vineyard where we also had lunch

A wine tasting

Some cheese back on the barge

The first course back on the barge at dinner.

The old town in Dijon, France

One of the local vineyards.

Taking a jeep ride through one of the local vineyards.

We Americans always hear that pigs are used to find truffles. However, in France they use special dogs who are trained to find the truffles. The truffles are just a few inches below the surface of the ground. In the photo above, the dog has located a truffle.

This is a truffle that the dog found.

    Switzerland     Paris     French Barge