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The view of the Nile from our hotel - The Sofitel

Our Cairo hotel - The Sofitel

Cynthia by the Sphinx

The pyramid that we visited.

Inside the pyramid, walking up very steep stairs to the main burial chamber. This called the Grand Galary. However, sections of the entrance hall are very small with a height and width of about 4 feet.

The above diagram from the internet shows the walkways within the pyramid. The Grand Gallery is shown 2 photos above with the high ceiling. However, there is also the long walkway called the Ascending Passage that has a 4 foot high lower ceiling and difficult to walk through. I have added red arrows to point out these two passages.

Inside the burial chamber, a tourist decided to get into the Pharaoh's sarcophagus. He is on his knees. He is not standing up.

Inside the main burial chamber, a fan was added recently to the ventilation shaft up through which the Pharaoh's spirit was to pass. There is a shaft on the north side and another shaft on the south side of the chamber.

Cynthia outside showing the relative size of the building blocks.

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