Rome 2014

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The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the smallest country in the world.
It measures about 150 feet by 150 feet.
With your back to the Spanish Steps in Rome walk forward about 500 feet and on you right you will see their building.
Look it up on the internet for confirmation.

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I know. That is all I had for dinner.

Why? Well just see the photo below of what I had for dessert.

Ice cream and coffee and whipped cream.

Extreme good coffee with ice cream.

The Ancient Roman Coliseum

Inside the Ancient Roman Coliseum

Pizza Navona in Rome

Victor Emanuel Monument

Pantheon in Rome. A domed ceiling with a hole at the top to let in light,

but small enough to keep out most of the rain.

Pantheon in Rome

At the Vatican there is no photography or video allowed in the Sistine Chapel.

When Vatican officials decided to undertake a comprehensive restoration of Michelangelo's art in the Sistine Chapel, the price tag for such an endeavor prompted them to seek outside assistance to fund the project. In the end, the highest bidder was Nippon Television Network Corporation of Japan, whose $3 million offering (which eventually ballooned to $4.2 million) was unmatched by any entity in Italy or the U.S.

In return for funding the renovation, Nippon TV received the exclusive rights to photography and video of the restored art.

Nippon has stated that their photo ban did not apply to ''ordinary tourists,'' but for simplicity's sake Vatican authorities made it an across-the-board no photography policy.

Cynthia at the Vatican

Inside St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican - Photos are allowed in St. Peter's

My STRONG recommendation is that you skip the Vatican Museum tour as it takes MANY hours and is overkill. Instead, to get a tour of St. Peters WITHOUT waiting in the long lines, go to or go to St. Peter's at 4:00PM when the long entrance lines have disappeared. Midday lines for entrance to St. Peter's are very long. Also the Vatican Post Office closes at 6:30PM where you can buy Vatican stamps and mail postcards. The post office is outside of the security gates so there is no waiting to enter the post office.

The Pieta in The Vatican

Evening, as we look out of our apartment window at all the action below. Lots of people but still quiet.

Where we had dinner here in Rome.

Great Lunch

Okay, I cheated. The Trevi Fountain should have looked like this,

BUT instead it is under a two year restoration.

In Rome some people dressed in silver.

Take their photo and then drop money into the container in front of them.

Where we had lunch our first day in Rome

Cynthia at the Spanish Steps in Rome

Cynthia at the Spanish Steps in Rome

Our Apartment in Rome

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