February 2014 - The Coopers are Visiting.

Waiting for the shuttle bus to the beach. Saturday, their last day.
''Uncle Walter and Aunt Cynthia,
we want to stay in Florida FOREVER?''

OH NO !!! Nutella on everything

Nutella and Bananas on Crepes

Katie Cooper's Birthday Celebrated Early

Walter - Cynthia - Lily - Katie - Joey - Leslie
At Doc's Beach

Sunset at Doc's Beach

Doc's Beach

Doc's Beach

Doesn't everyone put peanut butter on their banana?

Out for a car ride - It is 82 Degrees outside

At the Country Club Pool - It is 82 Degrees outside

Leslie, the lady of leisure, at the Country Club Pool - It is 82 Degrees.

After a day at the beach, back at our home in our pool where the water temperature is 85

At the sunny warm beach

At the sunny warm beach and wanting to live in Florida

Why are they smiling? Because they are in Florida. It is sunny and warm

Leslie making waffles for breakfast

Cynthia at the beach. It is 80 Degrees

The Webcam in Riverside, Connecticut looking at the New England Thruway.

The Duxbury Webcam