Summer 2013

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Cynthia had swordfish for lunch

I had a hamburger but let me tell you it was like no other hamburger I have ever had. It was fantastic.

Please note the building above. The right part is white and the left part is gray. This is the result of steam cleaning of the stone that is in progress.

We visited the chocolate store.

And YES, I did give in have a hot cocoa that was also fantastic.

In case you have to ''go'' the facilities in the Louvre Museum sells colored "TP" paper. They charge one and a half Euros per ''visit'' and the place is extremely clean.

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre

The artist sector in Montmartre

Crepe maker in Montmartre

The Paris Metro (subway)

Pianos are placed around town for anyone who wants to sit down and play a song.

Lunch on Rue Cler on the left bank near the Eiffel Tower

NO I did not have any dessert

We have been to Paris many times, but this is the first time we went up in the tower

This is the view from the very top of the tower. This is one of those things you do only ONCE in a lifetime. We had a pre registration for the primary elevator and therefore only had a 10 minute wait, but that was just to the mid level. Then we had a 45 minute wait for a second elevator that goes to the extreme top. Getting back down from the top to the ground was quicker, about 15 minutes total combined for both sets of elevators.

Part of the road along the river is closed to traffic on Sundays for the use by bikers and pedestrians.

A bike tour listening to their leader discuss their next destination.

The local music group on one of the bridges that was closed to motor vehicles.

An ice cream parlor that makes flower shaped ice cream cones.

An artist making a chalk drawing on the sidewalk.

Outdoor seafood market - lobsters - crabs - shrimps

Cynthia's crepes lunch

The lady at the sidewalk window making crepes at the restaurant where Cynthia and I had lunch.

We just arrived this morning and then off we went to a local restaurant for some wine and then some onion soup.

A bike tour of Paris that passed by us sponsored by a company called ''Blue Bike Tours''

Click Here For Paris - Nice - Monte Carlo - Corsica - Cassis
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10 Days in Paris
Take the train from Paris to Nice and spend one week in Nice
Take the ferry from Nice to Calvi, Corsica and 4 days in Calvi
Take a ferry boat from Calvi to Ajaccio, Corsica and spend 3 days in Ajaccio
Take the ferry from Ajaccio to Toulon, France for three days
Then a short ride to Cassis and spend three days there
Take the train to Paris and fly home.