Summer 2013

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EMV Chip Credit Card

SORRY - I made a TYPO when I originally sent out my email. The name of the chip was originally call EVM.

That was wrong. The name is actually EMV

I had the M and the V backwards.

I highly recommend that you get your current credit card updated to include the EMV CHIP that I pictured above within the red colored square.


PLEASE NOTE - there have been items written about adverse security problems with chips HOWEVER I believe they are referring to ANOTHER chip technology used only in the USA where a customer just passes the credit card over a sensor at the cash register and the sensor sends out a radio signal that the card reflects back with the credit card data.  The card described above is different and it seems to require that the copper metal in the card actually make contact with the INSIDE of the credit card processing machine that the merchant has. The merchant actually inserts the card into his machine.


If you previously travelled abroad, especially in Europe, you may have seen that instead of ''swiping'' a credit card magnetic strip at a store, the clerk instead inserts the end of the card into their machine and the machine then processes the transaction.

The EMV chip type card is everywhere outside of the USA.  However, within the last year, many of the USA credit card companies have begun issuing cards with the EMV chip.

Presently, we use the Citibank MasterCard and it has the EMV chip.

I suggest that you telephone your credit card company and ask if they have the EMV chip available and then get your credit card replaced.

Also, I suggest that if you are an American Express user, that you seriously consider getting a MasterCard or Visa Card as many companies in Europe do not accept American Express.  This was VERY critical for me as I unfortunately had to visit a dentist and the dentist did NOT accept American Express.


Click Here For Paris - Nice - Monte Carlo - Corsica - Cassis
EMV Chip Credit Card

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