Summer 2013

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In the evening, one of the restaurants in the walking street

One of the local fishing boats and on the dock the red colored fishing nets

The dessert chosen by the table next to us.

To keep our weight under control, we did not have the ice cream, but rather we had coffee

The ham and salami market

The cheese market

The olive market

The ferry we took to get from Calvi to Ajaccio

The Scandola Nature Reserve

The Scandola Nature Reserve

The train we took from Calvi to the next town - l'isle Rousse

One of the local outdoor restaurants in l'isle Rousse

In the local open air market, the women is selling various types of salami

Lunch - The meat in the upper left side of the plate is Wild Boar Pate

Back in Calvi again, we watched the local people playing their version of bocce ball.

Fascinating. The yacht owner motors up in his dingy. Please note the platform on the rear of the yacht. The platform is submerged. The dingy floats up over the supports on the platform and then the platform is raised per the photo below.

The dingy after the platform is raised

Cynthia resting in the park while doing her crochet

In Calvi Corsica, the evening live music in the restaurant area of the waterfront.

Below are photos from the first day regarding the trip to Corsica from Nice

The early morning ferry from Nice to Corsica - 5 hour trip

Our small cabin on the ferry

Breakfast. The red colored juice is Italian orange juice.

On the ferry sun deck

Calvi Corsica

Calvi Corsica

Calvi Corsica

Click Here For Paris - Nice - Monte Carlo - Corsica - Cassis
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10 Days in Paris
Take the train from Paris to Nice and spend one week in Nice
Take the ferry from Nice to Calvi, Corsica and 4 days in Calvi
Take a ferry boat from Calvi to Ajaccio, Corsica and spend 3 days in Ajaccio
Take the ferry from Ajaccio to Toulon, France for three days
Then a short ride to Cassis and spend three days there
Take the train to Paris and fly home.