Summer 2013

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So, what happened to Toulon which was visited between Corsica and Cassis? Yes, we stayed there, but it is certainly worth avoiding. It is not interesting. Therefore, I have not posted any photos of it.

Cassis, the town shown on this page, has nothing to do with Cassis the liquor. Cassis the liquor comes from an area north of Dijon, France

Cassis restaurants by the harbor at night

Second from the left is the restaurant owner with some of the local people

Cynthia at dinner

Calanques fjords very near Cassis

In the Cassis harbor some type of jousting sport where the contestants stand on platforms and use stick to try to push the other person into the water.

The beach in Cassis

Salad for lunch

The port area in Cassis

At the open market in honey section the vendor had a weathervane made to look like a bee and the white propeller between the head and body would spin in the breeze.

No, we did not have any. We just looked at the pastries.

The Paella vendor in the market square.

The cane seat repair man in the market square.

Click Here For Paris - Nice - Monte Carlo - Corsica - Cassis
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10 Days in Paris
Take the train from Paris to Nice and spend one week in Nice
Take the ferry from Nice to Calvi, Corsica and 4 days in Calvi
Take a ferry boat from Calvi to Ajaccio, Corsica and spend 3 days in Ajaccio
Take the ferry from Ajaccio to Toulon, France for three days
Then a short ride to Cassis and spend three days there
Take the train to Paris and fly home.