Summer 2012

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The Berlin Dom (Cathedral)

The interior. It is HUGH

A postcard showing the Church after World War II when is was bombed

The ceiling as it appears today. I am told that it took 9 years to rebuild it.

The largest department store in Berlin - KaDeWe. The food department alone takes up two floors. There are about 20 of these small eating stops, all with a different specialties, such as seafood, wine, or etc. No two are the same. The specialty deli section for every conceivable food group possible.

Charlottenburg castle

Where we had our Schnitzel dinner.

Schnitzel with some mushroom gravy on the left side.

Good German beer

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
It is a memorial to peace and reconciliation. And it also stands for the will of the Berliners to rebuild their city during the period after the war. Presently, the church is being refurbished so this is a photo I obtained via the internet. It is not my photo.

This is what remains of ''Checkpoint Charlie''. It is now a big tourist attraction.  It was one of the main gateways between West Berlin and East Berlin. Please note that McDonalds has a store situated right there for the American tourists

So you may ask, where were Checkpoints Alpha and Bravo?
Charlie was the third crossing in the route from West Germany through East Germany and then through West Berlin into East Berlin.

Checkpoint Alpha was located on the boarder of West Germany and East Germany near the town of Helmstedt–Marienborn.

After driving through East Germany on the way to West Berlin you would then approached Checkpoint Bravo on the west side of West Berlin where it boarders with East Germany. Remember that West Berlin was an island city within East Germany.

Then Charlie was on the east side of West Berlin where you entered East Berlin.

The sign at Checkpoint Charlie as a person entered East Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie was in the American sector as Berlin was broken up into four sectors - USA - British - French - Russian.

Small sections of the old Berlin Wall remain and various artists have placed their art work there.

The pretzel man


The Russian War Memorial honoring those lost in WWII

The Brandenburg Gate. Lots of TV equipment was set up as the street was closed on the other side for a large festival concerning the European Soccer Championships.

The German Reichstag where parliament meets

Travel Suggestions - Itinerary Page - Berlin - Paris - Nice - Biarritz - Saint Jean de Luz - San Sebastian