Norway and France June - July 2011

We landed in Hamburg, Germany and the next day we took the train to Kiel where the ship was located.

Copenhagen where there are few tourist sites.
This mermaid statue is there. You may recognize it from the White Rock Ginger Ale bottles. It is the White Rock logo.

Copenhagen, the local beer wagon.
Carlsberg is the famous Danish beer.

On board the Ship

The ship's interior

This photograph was taken on one the two formal dress evenings on the ship.
This is one of the two other couples at our dinner table.
They live in Bremen, Germany and have a winter home in St. Petersburg, Florida

This was taken on one the many NON formal evenings on the ship.
This is the other couples at our dinner table.
They live in South Africa

One of the many heated spas on the ship

The main swimming pool is heated to 70 degrees. That is too cold for me by Florida standards.

When this photo was taken it was 80 degrees.

Trondheim, Norway - Nidaros Cathedral

Cynthia reading her Amazon Kindle. It is in the mid 60's. Again, that is cold by Florida standards.

The next day and now we are much further north.

The TV screen in our room gives us data on out location.
The red line is the ships path and circle at the top is our current location.
The land mass you see in the northern tip of Norway.
It is about 45 degree Fahrenheit outside and there is snow on some of the mountains.

We stayed up last night and watched the midnight sun as it moved across the northern horizon.

Honningsvag, Norway - The furthest north that we travelled.

Geiranger, Norway

Traveling up the Fjord - Note the waterfall in the distance in the center of the photo.

Note the rainbow in the waterfall that I circled in red

Another waterfall

More waterfalls.

The ship moored off shore and we took the life boat into the dock

A shop in town. Note the grass roof

A campground on the edge of town. Note the bus circled in red. It brought the campers who set up their tents.

A stream that ran through town.

Bergen, Norway. King crab legs

Paris, France