France July 2010

The most recent photos are on the top portion of this page, then the past photos from prior towns are further down below the new photos.

We visited Eze. It is a small hillside village between Nice and Monte Carlo. This is the spice market.

All the streets in Eze are walking streets and all are steeply uphill. This photo does not do justice to the beautiful purple bougainvillea vines growing on the side of the building above. They were spectacular.

More of Eze

My usual lunch in Eze - Salad Nicoise

We took an hour train ride from Nice, France to San Remo, Italy.

The beach in San Remo next to our restaurant.

Our restaurant for lunch in San Remo

My diet salad

Cynthia had calamari

The local casino in San Remo

Tourrettes Sur Loop, France also not far from Nice

The crepes restaurant in Grasse, not far from Nice, where we had lunch

The perfume factory also in the town of Grasse

The beach in Cannes. They have real sand vs. Nice which has a beach of stones.

The harbor in Antibes where the really big yachts stay on the Riviera

A panorama photo of the beach in Nice.

Parachute towed behind a speedboat on the beach at Nice

A beautiful Russian church in Nice that my friend Larry Knapp suggest I visit. However, they do not allow cameras inside.

The view out of our window in the evening. For those of you who know Nice, that is the Negresco in the red circle at the top of the photo (not the building in the foreground, but the dome that is lighted in the background). We are one street back from the beach.

I know, I know. Cheese Fondue is not on our diet, but we just had to try it.

Back to the diet in Nice

On the boardwalk in Nice

The beach at Nice. Beautiful clear water, but a rock beach

Bocce set up on the boardwalk in Nice

The goal is to get as close as possible to the small brown ball.

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