France 2008

We drove to the town of Albi where the artist Toulouse-Lautrec live. Virtually all of his paintings are in the museum here.

I was only able to take one photo before the museum guard told me that cameras were not allowed.

Cynthia at one of the cafes in town where they have bronze statue of someone sitting at a table.

The church made of an interesting color red brick that is used in almost all the other structure in town.

On the way to Albi we passed mile after mile of sunflowers.

The best part of the trip for Walter. This is the 8th Wonder of the Modern World. It is the bridge at Millau. The bridge was built on the main land and they PUSHED the sections forward out from each end until they met in the middle. Each pillar of the bridge had rollers on it and they had a gigantic mechanism to push the sections out. There was was an hour long program on either the Science Channel or the Discovery Channel about this several months ago and I knew that I just had to see it for myself. It was well worth driving an extra 100 miles of driving to see it.

When we arrived back at our apartment the local rowing team was out practicing. Several boats practice every night.
The is NOT the Yale or Harvard rowing team on summer vacation. (Ha Ha - for my friends who are not located in the New England area, you need to know that rowing at an Ivy League college is the trendy thing to do).