France 2008

We walked to the old section of Gruissan (about 1/4 mile from our apartment) to see the open air market that operates Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
It was gigantic.

The vendor had nothing but sausages and pepperoni.
Not good for the cholesterol.

More sausages and pepperonis.
Remember, I am taking the photos. So that is not my stomach sticking out on the right. As you know I am on a diet. Food for me is like dating a girl in the 1950's. She would say ''look but don't touch''. I look and maybe eat just a little.

The man on the left is selling local jelly and enjoying the music

So how about this for a paella? They sell it by the kilo.

Another photo of the paella.

The cheese market. Yes we bought a VERY small amount.

Next to the cheese market was the ham market. Can't have one without the other.

Olive City

On the walk back to our apartment we passed the local wine shop that sold bottled wine as well as ''fill it up'' wine. He had about 4 types of wine, each with its own hose.

This order was for one liter of wine that he put in the customer's bottled water container.

In the afternoon we drove to a winery just outside of town. This is their store

The main house at the winery

When we arrived back at the apartment we had a chance to see how ''the other half''  enjoys yachting.
It is a small electric boat that they charter by the hour. This is definitely not the St. Tropez crowd.