France 2008

On Saturday we drove from Nice to Gruissan (a town in the southwest of France on the Mediterranean near the Spanish boarder).
On Sunday we took it easy and went to the beach

Gruissan is a seaside resort filled with sailing boats. The marina has 1,250 yachts. Our apartment is on the edge of the water and looks out on some of the yachts and the shops and restaurants on the other side of the marina.

The view out our porch. We are on the second floor. The sailboat below is a Beneteau 43. Tomorrow, they are sailing to Italy. It will take 4 or 5 days. Then in the fall they will sail from Italy to Israel where it will stay permanently.

No, we did not have it, but they were serving beef on a skewer. It was the specialty of the evening.

Cynthia and I both started with the ham and melon

The Cynthia had Paella with Sangria to drink

I had pepper steak. I did NOT eat all the potatoes, because of my diet, but I did eat just a few.

The next day we went to the beach

The beach was crowded

Did I mention that we had lunch at the beach?
Ham, Cheese, Melon, Salami, Pepperoni (But no bread or potatoes. I am sticking to the low carb diet)