France 2008

The French Riviera

The back street of Villefranche Sur-Mer (half way between Nice and Monte Carlo) where we had lunch

Cynthia had mussels

A few of the yachts in Monte Carlo - there are many yachts in excess of 100 feet.

Do you see that tanker truck just behind the automobile on the right? See the hose near the bicycle on the ground leading to the yacht on the left. It takes a lot of that $10 a gallon fuel to keep those hungry yachts going.

The casino in Monte Carlo

To the right of the casino is the Hotel de Paris. Back in the old days in ''Corporate Life'' when money was ''growing on trees'', as they say, a bunch of us stayed there for a week for an insurance convention. I can assure you that those days are gone and will never return.

A mirrored ball in the garden in front of the casino that reflects back to show the casino.