France 2008

Paris, the fourth day of our journey

In the basement of our hotel they have a very charming breakfast room with a stone wall that makes the place look like a cave.

On the left bank where we had dinner last night.

Oops, there goes the diet. Look, it was a ''price fixed'' three course dinner. Dessert was part of the package. What was I to do, refuse to have it? It was FANTASTIC. A fudge chocolate cake with a pistachio sauce.
HOWEVER the dinner main course was lamb and the portion was very small.
I noted that with all the great food there are very few over weight people in France. The secret is that all meals have very modest portions. It is not what you eat. It is the quantity of food that makes people over weight.

Around the corner from our restaurant we found this beautiful walking street that is lined with restaurants. It is called Rue Saint Andre Des Art

Then we went to Harry's New York Bar (where the Bloody Mary was invented).

Cynthia and a Bloody Mary