France 2008

Paris, the third day of our journey

We drove to the town of Giverny to see the home of the artist, Monet. From there we stopped at Versailles on the way back to Paris.

STOP complaining about your $4 gasoline. Over here it is $10 a gallon. We rented a very small car from Hertz, but we still spent a small fortune on fuel. It beats me. We are all paying the same for a barrel of crude oil and refining cost must be the same everywhere. So the difference must be the tax on the fuel.

The gardens around Monet's home

As we know, Monet was big on painting water lilies. There is a small pond on the property where they are grown.

Lunch at a restaurant near Monet's home.

The palace at Versailles. They have recently restored the gold plating on the fence at the palace entrance.

The front of the palace.

This is looking to the right of the photo above. I could not get the whole palace in one photo

From the front of the palace looking outward towards the gardens

In the center section of the palace on the second floor is the Hall of Mirrors.

The Eiffel Tower

The Arch of Triumph

Cynthia (far left) in the cafe where we had dinner

I told you I was on a diet. No cake or other high calorie stuff for me.

Cynthia's Pasta and clams.

Why 2 cell phone? My USA Palm phone on the right, and my French phone on the left.
For those of you using AT&T, it works great over here. It is just that the per minute charges are rather high.
Using a ''pre paid'' French phone is much cheaper.

Dinner is over and can you believe that it is this light at 9:30 at night? The sun sets very late

Below is another day

Notre Dame

I think we are going to be going off the diet tonight.

Cynthia eating snails for her first course

Walter is OFF the diet. This is ''Free Range'' chicken and it was fantastic