France 2008

Paris, the second day of our journey

We went to the Louvre Museum. Be sure to get there early as the line to enter gets to be bit long very early in the day. It opens at 9:00am. We got there at 10:00am

The entrance is through the glass pyramid, and then you take an escalator down to the basement where the tickets are sold and they have the gift shops.

The ''Winged Victory of Samothrace''

The masses of people looking at the Mona Lisa.

The masses of people looking at the Mona Lisa.

There it is

A Japanese tour guide with a radio transmitter (see the red arrow. She has the microphone in her hand.) The people she is guiding all have on radio receivers with headsets so that she does not have to call out loud to them.

Some of the paintings are very large

One of the many hall ways in the Louvre

So we are now back out on the street looking at the great food in the pastry shop. I only look at the food as I am on a diet.

Cynthia point to the food and reminding me that will not be eating any of it.

And I did resist.

But it was hard to stay on my diet.
The French people stay thin because most of their meals have VERY small portions.

The fountains at the George Pompidou Center