USA & Canada 2007

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Bonneville to Reno to Lake Tahoe

It appears that Cynthia and I took a quick jet flight to Hawaii for lunch.
Not really, as that is the wall paper in a small dinner in the middle of nowhere in northern Nevada where we had lunch on the way to Reno

There will be no photos of Reno as there is nothing in Reno worth photographing.
While our Reno hotel is quite pleasant, I cannot say much else about the city. I guess that you have to be a gambler to like the wall to wall slot machines and the glitter that goes with them

Near Reno is Lake Tahoe. The photos on this page are of the lake area. It is a beautiful place with a lot of boating and swimming activity. We had Sunday brunch by the lake at the Hyatt Hotel.

More of the beach at the Hyatt on Lake Tahoe.
The water was crystal clear.

Part of the brunch. Cynthia had ''poached egg on sliced elk in white truffle and chive cream.

Dessert consisting of a mini Crème Brulee, and other goodies.

Looking back at the restaurant part of the Hyatt from the dock. The hotel is several hundred feet behind the restaurant.

The bar at the end of the dock.