USA & Canada 2007

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Banff to Vancouver to Seattle

Here is a narrative of how our trip went from Banff to Seattle.

We departed Banff on the Trans Canadian Highway heading west to Kamloops. West of Banff the mountains and glaciers were absolutely spectacular. Amazingly, it was over 90 degrees on the highway and yet the massive glaciers were just about even with us regarding their elevation. The mountains were extreme steep with many cliffs and signs of landslides. Then west of the Alberta - British Columbia boarder we drove through the lake country where there was a lot of boat activity. In fact one of the towns had a billboard claiming that we were in the Houseboat Capitol of Canada. I would have assumed that that the water would have been extremely cold as the lakes were fed from the glaciers. However, we saw a lot of swimming and water skiing.

As the distance is too great to drive from Banff to Vancouver in one day we stopped over night in Kamloops.

The next day we drove on to Vancouver. The highlight of Vancouver was Stanley Park that overlooks the water.

Then the next day we crossed the boarder and headed for Seattle. Again I had the GPS out and again the boarder is about 150 off its real location at 49 degree north latitude. I guess that in 1846 when President Polk settled on the 49 parallel the surveying was not that accurate and the boarder was set and never adjusted when GPS came along. (sorry for you '' 54 40 or fight'' people, but the boundary is at 49 and not 54 40. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, get out your history books).

Before arriving in Seattle, we first took the ferry over to Poulsbo Village that is pictured below. It is quaint and looks a bit like Nantucket.

The Marina in Stanley Park - Vancouver

The Marina in Stanley Park - Vancouver

Poulsbo Village

Poulsbo Village

More of the Seattle skyline from the ferry boat

Hello Seattle - ''This is Doctor Frasier Crane.''
Hopefully - all of you watch television

Once in a lifetime.
We decided to have dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.
They gave us a complementary dessert of ice cream with dry ice below it to make the fog

The monorail from our hotel to downtown Seattle