USA & Canada 2007

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Downtown Banff

A real Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman showing his sword to the child

A store in the mall. How many of you remember Sgt. Preston on the radio back in the 1950's?
How many of you, bought Quaker Oats cereal so you could collect your deed for the
''One Square Inch'' in the Yukon provided by the Klondike Big Inch Land Company?
I have two of the certificates that I have kept since I was a child.

(Please read below from the internet)

The ''Klondike Big Inch'' was a promotional campaign by Quaker Harvest Oats in the 1950's. The deeds, for one square inch of Yukon land, were included in cereal boxes. Although it was a very successful marketing enterprise, the deeds were strictly promotional and never entitled holders to any actual land. The land has long ago reverted back to the Crown of Canada.

From the time "The Challenge of the Yukon" began in 1947, kids all over the country rushed home from school to listen to the radio program about a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who kept law and order in the territory with the help of his dog Yukon King and horse Rex. The hero was so popular that in 1953 the program was renamed ''Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.''

Lake Louise near Banff

The famous Hotel Fairmont Château Lake Louise

No I did not rent a helicopter. I took a digital photo of a postcard that I purchased in the gift shop