USA & Canada 2007

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We were in Buffalo, Wyoming yesterday.

An interesting thing happened. The manager of the motel where we stayed has the last name of Guy. That is Cynthia's maiden name. He may be a long lost relative as his grandfather studied at the same medical school where Cynthia's grandfather studied. In addition to this the manager's wife is an artist (as is Cynthia). We went to the gallery in Sheridan, WY where some of her works are displayed. Sheridan is between Buffalo and Cody.

Today we ended the day in Cody, Wyoming

When I was a child, my Grandmother used to tell me that that when she was a child around 1900, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley came through Pittsburgh where she lived. They had a ''Wild West Show'' that traveled the country. Annie was a expert sharp shooter. My Grandmother saw Buffalo Bill and Annie.

A famous Remington work of art. He is famous westerns sculpture and painter.

A stage set of Remington's home studio that is in the Buffalo Bill museum.