Italy 2006

We drove from Volterra through Pisa and on to our next stop near Portofino

You guessed it, it's the tower.

This is my attempt to piece together three separate photos to give a panorama view of the entire Pisa complex. The leaning tower is the bell tower that accompanies the main church. I did a good job of splicing together left and center photos, but I had a problem with the center and right photo. That is why the right side of the church building is distorted.

We then reached our apartment near Portofino. We have two floors. The top floor has a large terrace. The terrace floor is the floor above the two windows above where you can see the red flowers.

This is the view out of our living room.

This is the seaside in the town of Camogli. Our apartment is are up on a hill overlooking Camogli and the Mediterranean Sea. Behind the hill on the right side the above photo is the famous town Portofino.

This is the section of the Camogli seaside where the local fishing boats are located.

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