Italy 2006

Volterra in Tuscany where we stayed for a week

Okay, so I get all these emails asking for a photo of me on vacation. Well here I am with my trusty laptop at the internet cafe. You ask about the tiny earphones I am using. They and the small microphone in my hand are used to make phone calls to the USA via the Net2phone program in my PC. I can make all the calls I want for 2 cents per minute. The MAGIC of the internet. And that little travel Sony Laptop weights about 2 pounds and the battery lasts SIX hours. - WOW.

San Gimignano is known for the 14 tower that surround the town. Pictured here is one of them

Another of the towers

Lunch. Doesn't that look good.

This is Monteriggioni. It is a walled city that also has a number of towers

This is the town center

This is the exit via the "city gate". Note the rooms above the entrance. There are holes in the wall where the soldiers shot arrows to defend the city.

This is one of the many vineyards along the road.

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