Italy 2006

Volterra in Tuscany where we stayed for a week

The trip has been great so far. While it did rain for about 45 minutes early in the morning, the rest of the day has full of sunshine. Fortunately, it is not too hot, maybe 72 degree or so. That is an ideal temperature when we are doing a lot of walking around this hill town. We visited a number of churches and museums, all of which prohibited indoor photos. We are planning trips to surrounding towns that we will be doing for the rest of the week.

Cynthia standing at the entrance of our apartment

The view out of our apartment window

One of the many Alabaster Shops in town. Stone carving is one of the main industries in this area.

Cynthia with our apartment landlord who also has a ''day job'' carving alabaster and selling it in his small shop.

A typical street in town.

Some American tourists we ran into. I promised to put their photo on the website.

An outdoor restaurant where we had lunch

Another typical outdoor restaurant in town

The main street in town. There are restaurants under each of the awnings down the street.

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