Germany 2004

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Yesterday the ship's crew announced that because of low water levels in the river, we have had to travel slower than normal and that the last town (Rudesheim) of the trip was deleted from the schedule. We were to spend 9 hours there. Instead they had us make a morning stop today in Miltenberg. It is a small village along the river. We are still trying to figure this out. At first we heard that the river was above normal level and now the story is that it is below normal. By looking at the shoreline it appears that the river level is maybe a foot below normal but that is all. Whatever, we are still having fun.

We arrive in the village of Miltenberg

The old bridge over the river

Beautiful half timber buildings in downtown Miltenberg.

One of the more interesting buildings downtown. Note the flower boxes in the windows. They have them all over town.