Germany 2004

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We used to visit Nuremberg many times back in our military days
when Cynthia and I lived in Bamberg (where we will be tomorrow).

We have gone over the "continental divide" of Germany. In other words instead of gaining elevation upward, we are now descending downward as we pass through the locks

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Nuremberg. It is situated over the river

This fountain has a gate around it that has a legend about the gold ring. Boy loves girl. Girl's father employs the boy in his iron works business. Father says the boy is useless and he cannot marry the girl. One night the boy manages to insert the gold ring in the fence WITHOUT any seam in the ring or the fence. How did he do it?

The gold ring.

Cynthia in front of the fence and its fountain.

Germans really make good sweets. Ice Cream and lots of whipped cream

I will have TWO of those please.

Very low calories