Germany 2004

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We arrived in Weltenburg and visited an old church - sorry no photos as it was too dark inside. Then we took a a ferryboat from the church back to our cruise ship.

This is ferry that took us on the half hour ride back to
town where our ship was moored

The ferryboat ride back to town

Our ship that cruises the rivers.
Please note the pilothouse in the center of the
top of the ship

The pilot house is lowered into the deck and the captain has
to look out of the "sun roof" to steer. Please note the
low bridge coming up. There has been a lot of rain
in Germany and the canal is several feet higher than normal.

Everyone on the top deck has to duck down to clear the
bridge. I inserted a pink line along the bottom of the bridge
to emphasize where the bottom of the bridge is located

The pilothouse is then raised hydraulically to
its normal position

The ship stopped outside of the village of Berching

Cynthia in the village of Berching