Trip Across The USA 2000


That wet snow storm in Boulder, CO as we were departing

Cynthia in Vail where the weather got better. It is a walking street town with no cars permitted. It looks very European.

Our Days Inn hotel in Carbondale, CO

Cynthia and Pam (a friend of ours who once lived in Greenwich) who now has a vacation home in Colorado

Where we crossed the Continental Divide between Aspen and Colorado Springs.

About 20 miles east of the Continental Divide we spotted this log house being built.

I don't know if you can see this on your computer screen, but see the little square tags on the ends of the logs? They are the numbers for each log which tells the builder how to fit everything together.

You want some really inexpensive living? Check out this little beauty for $59,999 plus land. The sign says he will build it anywhere for you, either on his land or yours. This is a real house, not a ''double wide.''

Colorado Springs The Air Force Academy Cynthia by the car A B-52 in the background

The cadets are getting into formation for lunch

Lunch time formation and parade

The Chapel on Campus

The Chapel on Campus

Inside the Chapel.