Trip Across The USA 2000

Crazy Horse
This is very near Mt. Rushmore

This is about 15% done. You can see the face that is finished. The tunnel is the beginning of the area under his arm. See the picture below on how it will eventually look.

Just to give you an idea of size, this is the nose.

This is a model of the finished product.

Mt. Rushmore

This is Susan. She works the desk at Mt. Rushmore. See the stack of postcards in front of her? Those are the 190 postcards I have mailed out of just Mt. Rushmore. I have tried my best to get everyone's address, but I have not been able to get them all. My e-mail list is now 224 people. Please do not take offense if you do not get a post card. Either it got lost in the mail or I lack your address in my database

The entrance gate to Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore